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An attendee to our latest “Listening to the Land” speaker series who recently moved to the coast asked me if the Watershed Council has a list of native plants that grow well over here. I looked at her dumbfounded, because that was a great idea, and I was embarrassed that we don’t. But, before I set out to recreate the wheel, I did some asking and internet research and found a number of helpful resources I thought I’d pass along.

Check these out, and let me know if I’m missing any other great ones.

Because we purchase plants for our restoration projects through either Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership or wholesale, and they are primarily tree/shrub or wetland emergents and not very ornamental,  I’m not totally sure where to purchase retail native plant material. I stopped in to talk to my friends at Dennis’s 7 Dees. They have a selection of plants that are native to Oregon (not necessarily the coast), but sadly they get much of their plant stock from the Willamette Valley, Skagit Valley, and California. 🙁 Therefore I’d recommend Watershed Garden Works in Longview, WA ( We bought from them for a project (Coho Sanctuary), and were very happy with the quality of plants.

Know of any other local retail sources for plants? Please send me a note or leave a comment. I’d love to include other local resources.

For ultimate plant survival, ask if the plants are local genome stock (parent plants are “local” to where you want to plant, local being relative), primarily north Oregon coast.