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Did you know that we have a page dedicated to observations at the Broadway Park Osprey Nest? Go to this site http://www.osprey-watch.org/nests/8039 and check it out!


Once you create an account and log in you can:

- Add screen captures from the camera feed and photos in the “Photos of This Nest” section

- Add observations you make in the “Nesting Diaries” section

- Update the “Activity Reports” section where we track when the eggs are laid, when chicks hatch and fledge, etc.


All observations are valuable to enhancing our understanding of these amazing birds. Please record anything you see that you think is important!


At the end of the season I will download the entire record and will post it here. It is our hope that we can continue to record observations every year to build a large database of life in the Broadway Park nest. Your participation is integral to creating that record!


Go check it out and see what you think!

Here's a handy guide on how to tell the birds apart:

When watching the seasideosprey.org camera you might be wondering “How do I tell the osprey apart?”

It can be tricky. But here are a few tips that might help – and some photos illustrating those tips


The female (Betty):

-Has a metal band on her right leg

-Has two distinct patches of brown on her head

-Does not have the orange/brown coloring that the male does


The male:

-No leg band

-His head is more mottled – with more markings above his eyes

-Has orange/brown speckles on his chest and neck


What other observations have you used to tell the birds apart? Let us know on the Necanicum Watershed Council Facebook page 







































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