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If you see pollution in the watershed - you can contact the pollution helpline at 1-800-452-0311. They are available 24/7.

DEQ has received a large number of complaints about open burning. There are specific days and times when open burning is allowed, check your local fire department for open burning restrictions before submitting a complaint. DEQ can address open burning of certain materials such as rubber, plastic, tires, asbestos, and food waste. DEQ is responding to complaints as quickly as possible. 

Get more information on DEQ regulation of open burning. ​​

Reports from Oregonians are an important element of the enforcement of Oregon’s environmental laws. Here are examples of complaints you can submit to DEQ.

  • Unusual pollution from a facility

  • Exposed or mismanaged asbestos

  • Hazardous waste mismanagement

  • Release of harmful chemicals, pollution or sewage to the ground or water

  • Construction or other activity causing a stream or river to become murky

  • Illegal dumping site

Note: All air quality issues in Lane County are handled by Lane Regional Air Protection Agency.

How to submit a pollution complaint


Spills of oil or releases of hazardous materials that pose a significant threat to human health or the environment, and other emergencies, should be reported to the Oregon Emergency Response System at 1-800-452-0311.

If you need immediate medical attention, call 911.


For pollution that is not an emergency, click the button below to report a pollution problem online. DEQ will not contact you unless we need more information or you request to be contacted.


Online Complaint Form 


Reporte problemas de contaminación en esta página de WEB. Si DEQ necesita más información, alguien se comunicará con usted.


¿Queja? Oprima aquí


Reporte problemas de contaminación en esta página de WEB, Un representante del DEQ hará contacto con usted dentro de dos días hábiles.


If you cannot use the web form, you can also report pollution problems by voicemail to DEQ. Please leave a detailed message, including:

  • What is the problem?

  • What is the specific location where the problem is coming from? (required)

  • What kind of pollution is involved?

  • How much pollution is there?

  • Who is responsible for the pollution?

To leave a voicemail: 1-888-997-7888

DEQ will not contact you unless we need more information, or you request to be contacted. If you would like your name and contact information to be kept confidential, please indicate that in your message. This is not a 24/7 emergency response line. If this is an environmental or public health emergency due to pollution, please call 1-800-452-0311.

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