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Structure, Membership, and Governing Documents

The Necanicum Watershed Council is broadly representative of those individuals and groups having an interest in the health of the watershed. Our board includes a broad and diverse representation of the range of geographic and natural resource interests in the watershed, as well as public and private landowner interests. The Council operates as an open and inclusive organization. Regular meetings are open to the public (unless the board decides otherwise, for an executive session when discussions and decisions around personnel may take place). Notice of meetings and agendas are distributed to members via email (or other requested method) at least 3 days prior to any meeting. Meeting announcements are published on Facebook and the Council’s website as well as on KMUN and in the Daily Astorian. Minutes and agendas can be requested from the Council at any time by emailing


The following is a list of the geographic areas and community interests the council intends to include on its governing body in order to engage a balance of interested and affected persons within the watershed pursuant to ORS 541.910(2). Members of the governing body may represent more than one interest, and while attempts are made to include these interests, not all interests are always represented at any particular time. 

This list in no particular order includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Municipalities

    • Seaside

    • Gearhart

  2. County

    • Clatsop County

    • Clatsop Soil & Water Conservation District

    • Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District

  3. State Agencies

    • Fish & Wildlife (ODFW)

    • Transportation (ODOT)

    • State Parks (OPRD)

    • Forestry (ODF)

    • Water Resources

    • State Lands (DSL)

    • OSU Extension

  4. Private Timber

    • Greenwood Resources

    • Weyerhaeuser

    • Small Woodland Owners

  5. Seaside School District

  6. Rural Landowners

  7. Urban Landowners

  8. Other Non-Profits

    • North Coast  Land Conservancy

    • Trout Unlimited (Wild North Coast/Tualatin Valley)

    • Wildlife Center of the North Coast

    • Surfrider

  9. Sub-Watersheds

    • Upper watershed

    • Estuary

    • Neawanna

    • Neacoxie (Gearhart/Clatsop Plains)

  10. Business Community

    • Seaside Downtown Development Association

    • Chamber of Commerce

  11. Recreation

    • Hunting

    • Fishing

    • Biking

    • Hiking

    • Birding


The Board of Directors governs the activities of the Council.   The board will have a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of twenty (20) directors.  Board members will serve for a one (1) year term and may be re-elected without limit.

Any individual seeking membership on the board will notify the Chair of his/her interest in serving on the board. The Chair will recommend to the board approval for membership if the individual seeking membership agrees to active participation on the Council, has attended two meetings of the Council during the preceding six months, and agrees to adhere to the Bylaws.  The board will vote on acceptance of this individual onto the board of directors. Electing board members will be done by majority vote.

Board members will:

  • Adhere to these bylaws and be responsible for their enforcement;

  • Make every effort to regularly attend meetings;

  • Inform their respective agencies or constituencies of Council activities;

  • Search for opportunities to develop group solutions and resolve conflicts;

  • Treat other board members with respect;

  • Listen to and try to understand one another’s views; and

  • Be effective Council advocates in the community.

Each board member must attend at least two meetings or sanctioned Council activities each calendar year to remain on the board. Members of the public interested on serving on our board can reference our governing documents (below) to find more information about the council and it’s operations.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the council has four (4) Executive Officers, elected annually, and one (1) paid staff coordinator. Description of duties can be found under Article IV of the Bylaws.

Governing Documents

Together, these documents provide the structure for the Council to operate. These documents are updated as necessary, and every attempt to keep these links current has been made. If you feel these links are to outdated documents, please contact one of the council Executive Officers, or the Coordinator, for up-to-date information.

  • Conflict of Interest Policy

  • NWC Personnel Policy

  • NWC Finance Policies and Procedures

  • Open Door Policy

  • Necanicum WC Action Plan 

Meeting Minutes

The Necanicum Watershed Council meets the 4th Wednesday of every month, at 6pm in the Seaside Public Library, unless otherwise noted. Meetings may be changed or cancelled up to the day of the meeting. If you would like to attend one of our meetings and are not on the email list, contact coordinator Angie Reseland at to be placed on the email list, or to find out more about our meetings.

Meeting Minutes will be added here shortly

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